Come and create with us an environment where love is known.

The goal of our events is to create space where Christ's love and the Spirit's unity can be experienced.  We hope community organizations, families, and local leadership will begin to partner with each other in new ways outside of our worship gatherings or charitable events.  Please note this is your invitation, to participate in the gathering of our communities, cities, and nations around Christ in worship.

Strong communities, with the capacity, skills and internal strength to cope with and recover from adversity are crucial to peacebuilding and stability.  This need for community is why women are on the front line of building a future for a fragile country.

Liberty Theater 5.17.2019 at 6pm is our NEXT CITY WIDE WORSHIP!

"There is always something good coming. Remember that." Unkonwn

Please pray for an increase in understanding—understanding the context in which we are working. This includes building knowledge of whom to engage with and how, and assessing how best to balance risks with opportunities.  For example in Uganda Transform African Ministries is the current organization on the ground in Kampala and we are honored to partner with them due to the ongoing relationship and trust we have established. Strengthening "well run aid" on the ground is an effective way to help the Ugandan people. Pray we can glorify God by inspiring the women with the good news of the gospel and the value Jesus Christ places upon them to build them up and empower their self-esteem and confidence. Pray our efforts bolster the impact they have and the strengthens their resolve.  It can be difficult to understand why we shouldn’t just provide monies directly to a child in need or woman in suffering and especially in light of the scriptures command to feed the hungry and clothe the naked. The aim is to do so in the most long term help with the end goal of establishing these women and children and securing a future hope for them. One such way to sponsor a child through Compassion International, or to donate resources to the non-profits, aid organizations, and churches on the ground for the programs they are providing and education.  Another organization on the ground in Uganda is Sseko Designs which provide education funds for women seeking higher education through business. https://ssekodesigns.com/

To summarize, what governments and leaders in relief and aid work have learned is the importance of building the institution or the local church for long term results.  This one of the aims of United By Love International: Sustain and support the long term relief, aid, and charity organizations already established in the countries to which we are called.