Founded on paper by Jared & Charity Rattray in 2009, United By Love International is ultimately being a tool by which people of various denominations and religious backgrounds can come together wtih the common, united mission of Love! ... Jared & Charity are committed to furthering God's ultimate request: Love God with All Your Heart! John 21:17, God (present in human form) states that if we truly Love Him, then we will feed His sheep. By simply expressing Love to His sheep we fulfill our ultimate mission on earth.

The  Call

We are people like you with a mission set for God's will to be accomplished! Jared & Charity Rattray live in Ellensburg WA and have 4 children. Jared operates a hand therapy clinic in the area and Charity is homemaker for the family of 6. Jared & Charity have a God and family priority; and wish to raise up their children with the same focus. Jared is connected with United By Love using his God given skills as manager, facilitator, and supporter of United By Love's Mission and Call to further God's kingdom of LOVE.   Charity is connected with United By Love using her God given gifts as coordinator, kingdom hands & feet, and event planner for United By Love. Charity's goal is to see God's will accomplished via this path of United By Love with God directing teams, local women's ministries, and children's outreach. Charity also is a part of various Northwest Women's retreats, events, and conferences. Her trasparent joy, and a real love for God and His people fuel all the missions both home and abroad.