Thank you to the team and local churches who gathered with us May 11th for City Wide Worship!
Our bi-monthly gathering for twenty somethings!  Fresh out of CWU,
not in College, young mom, married or unmarried these gatherings are for you! 

equipping & empowering twenty somethings to go everywhere • ellensburg, wa

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Hey there! We know you'll find some great opportunities below to connect both to your community and to Christ.   These events aim to help cities become communities.  We aim to help local churches become family.  We aim to help family's become faithful followers.  Just go.
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"There is always something good coming. Remember that."  Unknown

Charity Rattray here, Founder and President of United by Love and I am honored to announce our opportunity to go to Uganda, Africa in October 2018. 

In our City Wide Worship Community in Ellensburg we have been experiencing God’s work of uniting churches, families, and worshippers and last year we extended these endeavors of unity to Kampala Uganda.   We were able to by God’s help unite 7 different churches in Kampala gather worship leaders and and host a worship camp for 3 days at Bethany Village where we began the rehersals and igniting our hearts of prayer and worship. After our worship camp we launched 7 worship gatherings in public high schools and churches across the city reaching over 3,000 Ugandans and reviving the hearts of missionaries there.

As with missionary work, one visit leads to another invitation and in 2018 Charity returned and speak and collaborate on the Princess Night hosted in Kampala at the City Church.  She took a small team of women to share our faith and vision with our sisters in Uganda.  We were able to donate 278 shirts for the night and sponsor women to attend the event.  What a privilage to be on Lighthouse TV and together with our Uganda team we were able to share the vision of Princess Night with the viewers.  

UGANDAN TEAM: great job!
Uganda 2018